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Luxury Aesthetic Clinic & Art Nouveau 5 star Hotel in Prague Old Town

Brandeis Clinic

High-end luxury clinic in Prague Old Town resides in the Blue Rose House from 14th century.

The clinic is equipped with the latest FDA certified technologies and offers premium care in the field of plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and corrective dermatology.

Their prices are a little bit higher. This has several reasons. The clinic uses the least intrusive available anesthesia and their anesthesiologist was member of the presidential medical team. Patients recover in hi-tech bed monitoring all vital functions and can use oxygen mask for faster healing.

We meet very strict quality requirements and guarantee maximum patient safety.

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5 star Hotel Paris

Art Nouveau style Hotel Paris in Prague Old Town was built by renowned architect Jan Vejrych in 1904.

Its current owner Antonin Brandejs is very well known connoisseur and collector of conteporary art. You can see pieces from his collections in museums in Germany.

The elegant Hotel Paris Prague is the right place in Prague’s Old Town to enjoy luxury and feel comfort even if you are far away from home.

Price of room for 2 people is from € 135 for Glamourmed's clients.

Mr. Brandejs studied university and lived in Germany, he lived also in Dubai and Canada. He has German and Czech citizenship.

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