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Get in Shape Thanks to Fat Transfer and Enjoy 5 Star Hotel in Prague

We perform fat transfer to breasts, fat transfer to buttocks and facial fat transfer together with laser assisted SlimLipo liposuction of 1 to 4 body parts. Our plastic surgeons use the most advanced fat filtration and fat grafting techniques, so that fat survival rate of 70 % to 80 % is now possible

Meet Your Fat Transfer Surgeon

Petr Hyza M.D., Ph.D.

Petr Hyza M.D., Ph.D.

is the most renowned Czech plastic surgeon and specialist in microsurgery. He performs plastic surgery for 20 years and he has successfully done more than 3000 cosmetic and several hundreds reconstructive surgeries.

"Compared with the average my patients have much less complications (less than 0,5 %). I think it's because of my precision, thousands of hours spent in the operating room and rigorous pre and post operative care. I will help you achieve full satisfaction and improve your self-esteem."

Andrea Musilova M.D.

  • Board certified cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon
  • Member of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • Member of The International Society of the Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES)

Languages: English, French, Russian

Experience: 19 years, on average 25 procedures per week

Treatment Specialization: breast enlargement, breast reduction, mastopexy, facelift and eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty

Jan Machac M.D.

Top physician specialising in anaesthesiology and resuscitation. He worked for 1 year at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh and 2 years at Southampton General Hospital (UK). He was the member of Vaclav Havel's presidential medical team.

Dr. Machac uses german machine Dräger Fabius® Plus and the least toxic anesthesia available in the world.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks- Before & After



SlimLipo & Fat Transfer Royal Package

Our Fat Transfer Royal Package is designed for the most demanding clients and consists of:

  • Consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • Preoperative examination
  • Liposuction of 1 to 4 problematic parts
  • Fat transfer to chosen area
  • Compression garment
  • General anaesthesia, the most expensive and the least intrusive
  • Oxygen mask for faster healing
  • 1 night in the Brandeis Clinic with a high-tech life functions monitoring bed and oxygen for faster healing
  • 3 nights in the 5 star Hotel Paris for 2 people with breakfast

And it also includes:

  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Personal assistant available 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited access to wellness centre and spa
  • Unlimited wi-fi access


Price of the whole package depends on various factors.

Number of body partsPrice
Fat transfer to buttocksfrom € 4320
Fat transfer breast augmentationfrom € 4320
Facial fat transferfrom € 2780

If the packages listed above don't fit your needs or budget, let us know and we'll do our best to offer you more suitable option.

Let us help you

Contact us and we'll plan your cosmetic surgery holidays.

If you don't provide any details, no problem, we'll ask you for necessary information later.

In order to prepare a proposal tailored to your needs and preferencies, we'll get back to you within a couple of hours with further information and questions.

Why the Brandeis Clinic

Plastic surgeons working at the clinic combine exceptional expertise with use of the latest FDA certified technologies. The Clinic is located Prague's Old Town in the Blue Rose House from 14th century.

More about the Brandeis Clinic

Why the Hotel Paris

The hotel is built in Neo-Gothic style and equipped with Art Nouveau furniture, chandeliers and decorations. You will never forget the view of Prague Castle and the Old Town from your bed in the Tower Suite.

More about Paris Hotel

Why Prague

Prague is the city of ancient kings, medieval architecture and arts. You will like it as milions others do.

  1. The 5th most visited city in the world.
  2. UNESCO World Heritage Site full of luxury shops.
  3. Direct everyday A380 flights from Dubai.

More about Prague

Fat Transfer Surgery

Before Fat Grafting

First you have to consult your plastic surgeon. After seeing your pictures he/she will decide whether this method is suitable for you.

Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat is removed from the problematic parts by the liposuction, washed and purified. At the end it is carefully reinjected with speciall needles into the areas that we want augmentat. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the fat grafting procedure to achieve the desired result. Fat grafting is safe, long-lasting, well-tolerated procedure with natural-looking results.

After Fat Grafting Procedure

Liposuction and fat injections are usually followed by fast healing. Most patients feel little to no pain and can return quickly to work. After the procedure, compression garments must be worn for a 4 to 6 weeks. But we need compression only at the liposuction site, at the fat transfer site we do not want any compression to achieve the best possible result.

More about Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfer is also called fat grafting or fat injection. The purpose of liposuction and fat transfer is to reshape two or more areas of your body.

Every adult have given number of fat cells, these cells make larger in size when you put on weight or shrink when you lose weight. If our plastic surgeon remove the fat from abdomen and flanks and transfer it to your breasts or buttocks, you will have slimmer waist a bigger but or breasts permanently. Fat can be harvested from the abdomen, neck, back, inner/outer thighs or upper arms.

Fat transfer takes viable fat cells and injects them into other areas of the body to increase volume. We often perform breast fat transfer and also Brazilian butt lift. We can use your own fat also to increase volume of your cheeks, lips, or chin.

These results can be long-lasting, but should not be considered permanent. As you age and lose volume, the fat-grafting procedure may have to be repeated. Results will vary by person, and can be affected by your plastic surgeon's skill level.

How Long Do Fat Grafting Results Last

Fat grafting requires a surgeon with experience and knowledge to perform it successfully. The survival of the fat depends on your surgeon's skills. It is important how the fat is harvested, purified and injected. The injected fat needs to have a blood supply to receive the nourishment it needs to survive. If the transfered fat is well nourished results can and often are permanent.

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