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I Am Your Personal Advisor

I always go a step beyond what is expected. My goal is to keep you happy, beautiful and healthy during your stay in Old Town Prague.

My very strict selection of all services and doctors ensures you safe and painless procedure with a beautiful result.

Our doctors have spent thousands of hours in their practices. They are precise and offer perfect pre and post operative care. I do offer doctors with a great reputation, not only among patients, but also among colleagues and the professional public.

We cooperate also with plastic surgeons, who does not standardly operate at the Brandeis Clinic. I choose the best and most experienced plastic surgeons for your procedure - tummy tuck, facial surgery, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, breast surgery, etc.

I always consider your individual needs and do know who does perfect nose job and revision rhinoplasties, who is the best for tummy tucks or breast surgery and who has the lowest rate of complications. You can benefit from my experience and detailed knowledge of the Czech plastic surgery market.

I recommend Brandeis Clinic, because it is the best equipped clinic in the Czech Republic. Clinic's anesthesiologist Jan Machac was even a member of the presidential medical team and he use the least intrusive accessible anesthesia although it is more expensive.

I will be honored to make your luxury cosmetic holiday in Prague just perfect.

I look forward to meet you in person!

Elisabeth Faltys

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Elisabeth Faltys

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